The E.D.F. Drawing Board
NEW PAINTINGS....( fresh paint )

the newest stuff....on canvas

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Below, the first fresh paint I've done in a while... The "E.D.F. Maine."  She is a New York styled vessel, just abit smaller in size.


 A new painting has been posted for your viewing pleasure :)
This is called "The Heat Of Battle" and I'm afraid the photo doesn't do it any justice...Really!  It'a a tip of the hat to all the fantastic visual effects in "star Wars"...(Believe it or not)  Another note of interest: The "self lighting" of the Yamato/argo . Lastly, it's on a large canvas...18 X 24 inchs.


   As  mentioned,  I'm  working  on  a  new  project....It  will  involve  paint,  yes...but  I'm  sure  it  will  be  a  new  looking  image  for  all  you  E.D.F.  fans!  What  it  is,  is  "mixed  Media".  (  This  being  a  drawing  that  is  painted  over,  or  colorized  via  markers, or  pens. )
  This  new  "drawing"  is  comming  out  fantastic  thus  far.  As  for  the  subject....It's  called   " Sandor's  Ring ". 
 Below,  the  ghosts'  of  paintings  past, and  the  current  owners.



Above  Three paintings  reside  with  Mr.  Ken  Barns  of Argo Press.



These  two  moved  in  with  Mr.  Edward  Hawkins  of  space Cruiser  Yamato. com

Below,  Edward  Hawkins  home  as  well.



Ken  Barns  has  these  two,  as  well.